Perfecting Designs By Hand

The passion to create is strong within us all.  Harnessing this passion with direction to building an idea we play around with since learning how to use our hands. Give us flat Earth and we think to design a pile. Maybe we had memory of seeing a hill and how it works maybe not but the design still is our creation showcasing elements of life that come together visually and structures align to our liking.

Principles of Design

Designing things yourself can increase the skill value of yourself. This is the reason individuals actually make an effort to develop and design on their own. The self development journey you go through on a project adds intangible skill building and attributes as well like determination, planning, and execution efficiency to your life resume. All creations that we as humans design originate from what is already around us or previously existed.

Creatively we are crafting things with our own hands and energy yet the inspiration that is constant in design but our stimulation comes from seeing it done before and believing and visualizing past designs and designer work. There is a mix of art and science in the within the principles of design. Nowadays there are schools and universities dedicated to ensuring you grasp the  technical principles much needed for your foundation as a designer. If you are a do it yourself type of energy then it still is vital to find a way to learn and teach yourself by studying how the principles actually are formed and translated.


Break Down Your Favorite Designs

When you see a structure or illustration you realized was designed by man or by the universe naturally we are curious about the origins and where it all started. Explore this we designs that catch your eye and intrigue it. Analyze and each element that makes up the design and dissect how it is made up. Textures lines, and colors are elements that each design is uniquely crafted for us to easily see. Use this to determine how the layers came about and fit together. Envisioning this will allow you to deconstruct and essentially see the plan of action of construction in sequential order whether it is home design or the designing a stage.