The Art of Design

When you create something with your own hands it makes sense to want to share it with the people around you. Our human nature urges us to share what we create. Because well who can enjoy something all by themselves all the time.

The ultimate gratification and satisfaction knowing you have enhanced or expanded someones reality is a heart charging experience. When you are able explain clearly your concepts and make plans for your demonstrations you are leaving a piece of knowledge and resource to the world around you. The more productive, useful, and appreciated your creation is the  more humble and enriching the process of designing to building.



There is more dealing with  creativity. Whether you are an architect or an illustrator, you are making an edge in being creative and talented in terms of design related concepts.  Despite the different fields or expertise, an architect, designer, illustrator and artist are similar in some ways. It only involves the creation of designs but also the process of these professions is doing.

Designing is not that easy. You should also know the right process that goes along with it. Hence, when it comes to design whether it is designing a building or sketching a drawing, there is always the element of creativity in this one.

The Design Concept

Whether you are designing or simply painting a work of art. There is also the design concept that is greatly involved in the process. Both an architect and illustrator are making the design concepts in their design creations.  The design concept is very important in making each of the designs unique and authentic. An architect or designer uses the concept that an illustrator or artists would do. Hence, there a form of similarities in the things they are doing.

The involvement of Creative Effort

Building architects and designers are illustrators and artists in their own ways due to the involvement of creative effort in their works.  In designing a building or making the blueprint of it, creativity makes its way to the mind of the architect and designer. In doing so, they assume the roles of artists in making a masterpiece reflecting that creativity. In this way, there is a great chance of making a design or a work of art timeless.

The Creative Process

In designing or a residential home, an architect makes an accurate and detailed approach in the design he or she is going to make. Aside from being creative, they see to it that the design would be an awesome work of art.  Artists and illustrators do this only in a different way. In taking accuracy with creativeness, there is a sure way of making each of the design fascinating and attractive as it can be.

The Output of the Work

Both designers and architect take the major role in producing not only a great design but also an excellent output as well.  In doing so, there is a good way for both the architect and designers to be more expressive in the work they are doling. In putting this in mind, there is a great and effective reason they are artists at the same time. It would largely contribute to the impressive output they are doing.

Making the perfect design for a home involves a great skill and talent to it. An architect and a designer are sometimes referred to as artists and illustrators because of this reason. Thus, if you are an architect or a designer, you are also an artist and illustrator by heart. All of these are observed in the manner how you present your work and the reaction of the people in it.