Perfecting Designs By Hand

The passion to create is strong within us all.  Harnessing this passion with direction to building an idea we play around with since learning how to use our hands. Give us flat Earth and we think to design a pile. Maybe we had memory of seeing a hill and how it works maybe not but the design still is our creation showcasing elements of life that come together visually and structures align to our liking.

Principles of Design

Designing things yourself can increase the skill value of yourself. This is the reason individuals actually make an effort to develop and design on their own. The self development journey you go through on a project adds intangible skill building and attributes as well like determination, planning, and execution efficiency to your life resume. All creations that we as humans design originate from what is already around us or previously existed.

Creatively we are crafting things with our own hands and energy yet the inspiration that is constant in design but our stimulation comes from seeing it done before and believing and visualizing past designs and designer work. There is a mix of art and science in the within the principles of design. Nowadays there are schools and universities dedicated to ensuring you grasp the  technical principles much needed for your foundation as a designer. If you are a do it yourself type of energy then it still is vital to find a way to learn and teach yourself by studying how the principles actually are formed and translated.


Break Down Your Favorite Designs

When you see a structure or illustration you realized was designed by man or by the universe naturally we are curious about the origins and where it all started. Explore this we designs that catch your eye and intrigue it. Analyze and each element that makes up the design and dissect how it is made up. Textures lines, and colors are elements that each design is uniquely crafted for us to easily see. Use this to determine how the layers came about and fit together. Envisioning this will allow you to deconstruct and essentially see the plan of action of construction in sequential order whether it is home design or the designing a stage.

Creating Your Dream Smart Home Design

You could do a few things with today’s technology. With the advent of the new wave concept, one of the coolest things to do is designing your Tech Smart Home. Technology pays you many geeky and advanced ways in building or designing your smart home. In this way, you have a sure way of being innovative and creative in designing your smart home.

If you want to build a unique smart home, you should consider the right design for it. It would be best to make the right approach so that you would be a sure way of living the Smart way. Here are a few things you need to consider in designing your smart home.

Lights that comes with the Design

Making the perfect design is great. However, it would be more amazing if you an awesome lighting that goes along with it. WIFI enabled lights are much better to install not only because of the efficiency it has but also with a different variation of colors it would provide the interior of your home. Hence, would add to a clever design of making your home have the smart and authentic design it has. You could install a different variation of these lights that is patterned with the design of your home.

Creating the Kitchen Tech

One of the best ways in adding a twist to the design of your smart home is building a kitchen tech inside. It pertains to the right connection of your fridge to the web or having a WIFI connection inside the kitchen. In taking a smart connection in your kitchen, you are also given a chance to have the best design by making your kitchen more customized and centralized. Hence, it would be a good thing to add a tech feature on your kitchen. Even commercial floor cleaning companies have even suggested tech updates to heat your floor through technology as well as control the lighting motion sensors. This includes your kitchen countertops

Connecting Your Garden

You do not need to use the traditional tools in designing your garden of your smart home. With the use of the motion sensor tools and other smart equipment, you have a sure way of adding a unique design on your home. The right equipment that matches the house prospect would assure you have a great way of making a design for your smart home.

Setting the Design Material

A smart home requires the perfect design to match your preference. In picking the design materials, you should have select the light but durable materials to match up your satisfaction.  You could choose it to be a smart material that would apply to the equipment in your home. You could make it simpler or complex depending on the design of your home.

Design involves a little Creativity. This is not far in designing your smart home. If you want to give it a great design concept, you should create a design that is authentic and unique. Thus, a little creativity changes many things even in designing your smart home. In this way, you have an edge in making a high-tech living with comfort and style all the time.

Once you consider your vision and create your concept do your research on different news innovations. Here is a video that allows now showcases useful upgrades for your smart home.

Some of the useful innovations that were showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show will help guide anyone looking to plan and design there home with great things to implement into your home design.

Did you ever consider being in a time where you would never have to transfer another load of laundry in to dryer? The drying cycle will begin as soon as the wash cycle completes. Then Clothes automatically folded for you once that laundry has been taken out of the dryer. There are many capabilities now available central to your completion.

Finger touch keypads to unlock your doors are also a hot topic innovation. Securing and protecting your domain and design is just as important as the preparation you put into building so you can have assurance you can prevent and efficiently clean up a mess. Motion sensor, advance motion detection floodlights that are weatherproof will capture live feeds of your property available to view from on your phone in HD.

Homekit products like smart plugs, and Fibraro’s The Button, act as a devices to be more aware and in tune with our world around us and the things that are important to us.

With all the new devices connected online that doesn’t mean compromise can’t happen. Protection of your in home connected devices will bring everything together. All devices connected and most likely need to be using your WIFI connections to be full utilized. Stay protected from hacking and intruders with the same passion to protect your home Bitdefender box stops this from happening no matter the device. So all your data and information stays protected. Semantic has the Norton core router will be available this summer protects your devices with similar range as well.

Artificial Intelligence leaps in smart homes seem very apparent and lively now in the current day with Sky from vivint  brings real intellegience to the home. The home will now be able to suggest actions based on your behavior and as you continue to work with the system will even carry out the tasks.

Connection Petcube allows you to fling real treats to your pet while your away with audio and video abilities. Robots that detect intruders, bring your wifi closer and even monitor your house while your away, incoherent, or sleeping , are vital decisions to install into your home monitoring system. You are now able to monitor environments, check breathing pace of small children, and learn the indoor air quality by the second in your own home not to mention all other security monitoring features.



Digital Illustration Now Contemporary of Design

Digital Design software

Digital illustration is more stress-free than the traditional way of designing buildings and homes. It is an ideal solution that can ensure a good design with aesthetic appeal. It has built-in features that can make all your goals a reality. Within a short period of time, you can attain more fulfilling and wonderful results. In other words, it can give you a less burdensome experience during the process.

Before moving on the steps on how to design buildings and homes, let’s take a look at what digital illustration really means.

Also known as computer illustration, digital illustration is the process of using digital tools in order to produce images under the artist’s manipulation. Usually, a pointing device, including a mouse or a tablet is used. It is famous from computer-generated art that is produced by a computer with mathematical models. Furthermore, it is different from digital photograph manipulation because it is considered an original construction.

So now, let’s deeply understand the process on how to design buildings and homes with a digital illustration.

  • Identify Your Needs Before anything else, you have to become aware of your specific and unique needs. In doing so, you will know what to do in order to achieve your objectives at the end of the day. You will be guided enough all over the process that can minimize potential errors and cumbersome experience. Furthermore, identifying your needs can help you design buildings and homes smoothly and efficiently.
  • Take Advantage of the Best Digital Illustration SoftwareAfter identifying your needs, now is the right time to make a research about one of the most excellent and effective digital illustration software in the market. You should take a reputable and incredible service provider in order to have the peace of mind. Even though it lasts within a long span of time, be more patient to have a perfect choice.


Benefits of Using Digital Illustration

Compared to the traditional way of designing buildings and homes, digital illustration is more different and beneficial. Here are some of its benefits.

  • It is more convenient to apply a range of colors as well as filters. You can alter the image and find the most relevant effect that can capture people’s interest and attention.
  • When it comes to geometric layouts, they are not difficult. As a matter of fact, creating perfect geometric forms are simple. However, you have to be passionate to make something amazing.
  • It has visual or photographic effects in which you can reverse and undo instantly. When you have to change visual effects, you will never encounter a difficulty.Have you been using a pen and paper to draw and design buildings and homes?If so, you should try the most innovative solution – digital illustration. With its awesome features, you cannot only minimize blunders but also leverage your chance to achieve better results. There are a broad range of colors and filters that can make your goals tangible. Take an action today to have a brilliant design.

The Art of Design

When you create something with your own hands it makes sense to want to share it with the people around you. Our human nature urges us to share what we create. Because well who can enjoy something all by themselves all the time.

The ultimate gratification and satisfaction knowing you have enhanced or expanded someones reality is a heart charging experience. When you are able explain clearly your concepts and make plans for your demonstrations you are leaving a piece of knowledge and resource to the world around you. The more productive, useful, and appreciated your creation is the  more humble and enriching the process of designing to building.



There is more dealing with  creativity. Whether you are an architect or an illustrator, you are making an edge in being creative and talented in terms of design related concepts.  Despite the different fields or expertise, an architect, designer, illustrator and artist are similar in some ways. It only involves the creation of designs but also the process of these professions is doing.

Designing is not that easy. You should also know the right process that goes along with it. Hence, when it comes to design whether it is designing a building or sketching a drawing, there is always the element of creativity in this one.

The Design Concept

Whether you are designing or simply painting a work of art. There is also the design concept that is greatly involved in the process. Both an architect and illustrator are making the design concepts in their design creations.  The design concept is very important in making each of the designs unique and authentic. An architect or designer uses the concept that an illustrator or artists would do. Hence, there a form of similarities in the things they are doing.

The involvement of Creative Effort

Building architects and designers are illustrators and artists in their own ways due to the involvement of creative effort in their works.  In designing a building or making the blueprint of it, creativity makes its way to the mind of the architect and designer. In doing so, they assume the roles of artists in making a masterpiece reflecting that creativity. In this way, there is a great chance of making a design or a work of art timeless.

The Creative Process

In designing or a residential home, an architect makes an accurate and detailed approach in the design he or she is going to make. Aside from being creative, they see to it that the design would be an awesome work of art.  Artists and illustrators do this only in a different way. In taking accuracy with creativeness, there is a sure way of making each of the design fascinating and attractive as it can be.

The Output of the Work

Both designers and architect take the major role in producing not only a great design but also an excellent output as well.  In doing so, there is a good way for both the architect and designers to be more expressive in the work they are doling. In putting this in mind, there is a great and effective reason they are artists at the same time. It would largely contribute to the impressive output they are doing.

Making the perfect design for a home involves a great skill and talent to it. An architect and a designer are sometimes referred to as artists and illustrators because of this reason. Thus, if you are an architect or a designer, you are also an artist and illustrator by heart. All of these are observed in the manner how you present your work and the reaction of the people in it.